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  • The contributions of transboundary networks to environmental governance: The legacy of the MAP initiative 

    Perz, Stephen; Rioja Ballivián, Guillermo; Brown, I. Foster; Frias, Miroslava; Mendoza, Elsa; Muñante, Armando; Perales, Mercedes; Reis, Vera

    (Elsevier, 2022)
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    Because many environmental threats span national boundaries, transboundary networks have emerged as a form of multi-stakeholder platform to support environmental governance (EG). There are transboundary networks in various ...
  • Un estudio de caso de un evento de nevada de alto impacto en la sierra sur del Perú: Dinámica y evaluación del modelo Eta 

    Bojorquez, Marco; Huerta, Adrian; Calle Montes, Victoria

    (SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online, 2022)
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    Se evaluó el desempeño de las predicciones del modelo Eta durante el acaecimiento del evento de nevada generalizada que causó el mayor impacto social en la Sierra Sur del Perú (SSP) durante agosto del 2013. La evaluación ...
  • Heatwaves and fire in Pantanal: Historical and future perspectives from CORDEX-CORE 

    Silva, Patrícia S.; Geirinhas, João L.; Lapere, Rémy; Laura, Wil; Cassain, Domingo; Alegría, Andrés; Campbell, Jayaka

    (Elsevier, 2022)
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    The Pantanal biome, at the confluence of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, is the largest continental wetland on the planet and an invaluable reserve of biodiversity. The exceptional 2020 fire season in Pantanal drew particular ...
  • Photochemical sensitivity to emissions and local meteorology in Bogotá, Santiago, and São Paulo: An analysis of the initial COVID-19 lockdowns 

    Seguel, Rodrigo J.; Gallardo, Laura; Osses, Mauricio; Rojas, Néstor Y.; Nogueira, Thiago; Menares, Camilo; Andrade, Maria de Fatima; Belalcázar, Luis C.; Carrasco, Paula; Eskes, Henk; Fleming, Zoë L.; Huneeus, Nicolas; Ibarra-Espinosa, Sergio; Landulfo, Eduardo; Leiva, Manuel; Mangones, Sonia C.; Morais, Fernando G.; Moreira, Gregori A.; Pantoja, Nicolás; Parraguez, Santiago; Rojas Quincho, Jhojan Pool; Rondanelli, Roberto; Andrade, Izabel da Silva; Toro, Richard; Yoshida, Alexandre C.

    (University of California Press, 2022)
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    This study delves into the photochemical atmospheric changes reported globally during the pandemic by analyzing the change in emissions from mobile sources and the contribution of local meteorology to ozone (O3) and particle ...
  • Determination of atmospheric aerosol components in an urban area to evaluate the air quality and identify the sources of contamination 

    Bedregal, Patricia; Ubillus, Marco; Cáceres-Rivero, Cynthia; Olivera, Paula; Garay Saravia, Roy Antonio; Rojas Quincho, Jhojan Pool; Zafra, Rafael; Urdanivia Lermo, Franceso Renato

    (Springer, 2023-02-15)
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    The need to generate objective evidence and reliable information for decision makers to improve environmental policies for a better air quality, led us to evaluate the atmospheric aerosol components in the urban area of ...
  • Rainfall Erosivity in Peru: A New Gridded Dataset Based on GPMIMERG and Comprehensive Assessment (2000–2020) 

    Gutierrez, Leonardo; Huerta, Adrian; Sabino, Evelin; Bourrel, Luc; Frappart, Frederic; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

    (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2023)
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    In soil erosion estimation models, the variable with the greatest impact is rainfall erosivity (RE), which is the measurement of precipitation energy and its potential capacity to cause erosion, and erosivity density (ED), ...
  • A future of extreme precipitation and droughts in the Peruvian Andes 

    Potter, Emily R.; Fyffe, Catriona L.; Orr, Andrés; Quincey, Duncan J.; Ross, Andrés N.; Rangecroft, Sally; Medina, Katy; Burns, Helen; Llacza, Alan; Jácome, Gerardo; Hellström, Robert Å.; Castro, Josué; Cochachín, Alejo; Montoya, Nilton; Loarte, Edwin; Pellicciotti, Francesca

    (Springer Nature, 2023)
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    Runoff from glacierised Andean river basins is essential for sustaining the livelihoods of millions of people. By running a highresolution climate model over the two most glacierised regions of Peru we unravel past climatic ...
  • Assessment of Present and Future Water Security under Anthropogenic and Climate Changes Using WEAP Model in the Vilcanota-Urubamba Catchment, Cusco, Perú 

    Goyburo, Andrés; Rau, Pedro; Lavado-Casimiro, Waldo; Buytaert, Wouter; Cuadros-Adriazola, José; Horna, Daniel

    (MDPI AG, 2023)
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    Water is an essential resource for social and economic development. The availability of this resource is constantly threatened by the rapid increase in its demand. This research assesses current (2010–2016), short- ...
  • Panta Rhei benchmark dataset: socio-hydrological data of paired events of floods and droughts 

    Kreibich, Heidi; Schröter, Kai; Di Baldassarre, Giuliano; Van Loon, Anne F.; Mazzoleni, Maurizio; Wakbulcho Abeshu, Guta; Agafonova, Svetlana; AghaKouchak, Amir; Aksoy, Hafzullah; Alvarez-Garreton, Camila; Aznar, Blanca; Balkhi, Laila; Barendrecht, Marlies H.; Biancamaria, Sylvain; Bos-Burgering, Liduin; Bradley, Chris; Budiyono, Yus; Buytaert, Wouter; Capewell, Lucinda; Carlson, Hayley; Cavus, Yonca; Couasnon, Anaïs; Coxon, Gemma; Daliakopoulos, Ioannis; de Ruiter, Marleen C.; Delus, Claire; Erfurt, Mathilde; Esposito, Giuseppe; François, Didier; Frappart, Frédéric; Freer, Jim; Frolova, Natalia; Gain, Animesh K.; Grillakis, Manolis; Oriol Grima, Jordi; Guzmán, Diego A.; Huning, Laurie S.; Ionita, Monica; Kharlamov, Maxim; Nguyen Khoi, Dao; Kieboom, Natalie; Kireeva, Maria; Koutroulis, Aristeidis; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Li, Hong-Yi; LLasat, Maria Carmen; Macdonald, David; Mård, Johanna; Mathew-Richards, Hannah; McKenzie, Andrew; Mejia, Alfonso; Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario; Mens, Marjolein; Mobini, Shifteh; Samprogna Mohor, Guilherme; Nagavciuc, Viorica; Ngo-Duc, Thanh; Thao Nguyen, Huynh Thi; Thao Nh, Pham Thi; Petrucci, Olga; Hong Quan, Nguyen; Quintana-Seguí, Pere; Razavi, Saman; Ridolf, Elena; Riegel, Jannik; Shibly Sadik, Md; Sairam, Nivedita; Savelli, Elisa; Sazonov, Alexey; Sharma, Sanjib; Sörensen, Johanna; Arguello Souza, Felipe Augusto; Stahl, Kerstin; Steinhausen, Max; Stoelzle, Michael; Szalinska, Wiwiana; Tang, Qiuhong; Tian, Fuqiang; Tokarczyk, Tamara; Tovar, Carolina; Thu Tran, Thi Van; van Huijgevoort, Marjolein H. J.; van Vliet, Michelle T. H.; Vorogushyn, Sergiy; Wagener, Thorsten; Wang, Yueling; Wendt, Doris E.; Wickham, Elliot; Yang, Long; Zambrano-Bigiarini, Mauricio; Ward, Philip J.

    (Copernicus Publications, 2023)
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    As the adverse impacts of hydrological extremes increase in many regions of the world, a better understanding of the drivers of changes in risk and impacts is essential for effective flood and drought risk management and ...
  • Construction of a daily streamflow dataset for Peru using a similarity-based regionalization approach and a hybrid hydrological modeling framework 

    Llauca, Harold; Leon, Karen; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

    (Elsevier, 2023)
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    This paper aims to develop a national hydrological model using physiographic and climatic characteristics to identify donor and receptor sub-catchments (sub-zones). Therefore, we use the hydrometeorological PISCO dataset ...
  • A cold wave of winter 2021 in central South America: characteristics and impacts 

    Marengo, J.; Espinoza, JC; Bettolli, L.; Cunha, A. P.; Molina-Carpio, J.; Skansi, M.; Correa, Kris; Ramos, A. M.; Salinas, R.; Sierra, J.-P.

    (Springer, 2023)
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    During the austral winter (June–August) of 2021, the meteorological services of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile all issued forecasts for unusually cold conditions. Record-low minimum temperatures and ...
  • Seasonal differences in trace metal concentrations in the major rivers of the hyper-arid southwestern Andes basins of Peru 

    Ccanccapa-Cartagena, Alexander; Chavez Gonzales, Francisco D.; Paredes, Betty; Vera, Corina; Gutierrez, Guillermo; Valencia, Roland; Paz Alcázar, Ana Lucia; Zyaykina, Nadezhda N.; Filley, Timothy R.; Jafvert, Chad T.

    (Elsevier, 2023-10)
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    The southern rivers of Peru originate in the Andes Mountains and flow in a southwestern direction to the Pacific Ocean through one of the most hyper-arid regions of the world. During each sub-equatorial summer from December ...
  • A future of extreme precipitation and droughts in the Peruvian Andes 

    Potter, Emily R.; Fyffe, Catriona L.; Orr, Andrew; Quincey, Duncan J.; Ross, Andrew N.; Rangecroft, Sally; Medina, Katy; Burns, Helen; Llacza Rodríguez, Alan; Jácome Vergaray, Gerardo; Hellström, Robert Å.; Castro, Joshua; Cochachin, Alejo; Montoya, Nilton; Loarte, Edwin; Pellicciotti, Francesca

    (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2023-07-20)
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    Runoff from glacierised Andean river basins is essential for sustaining the livelihoods of millions of people. By running a high-resolution climate model over the two most glacierised regions of Peru we unravel past climatic ...
  • Rainfall thresholds estimation for shallow landslides in Peru from gridded daily data 

    Millán-Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro, Waldo

    (European Geosciences Union, 2023-03-22)
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    This work aims to generate and evaluate regional rainfall thresholds obtained from a combination of high-resolution gridded rainfall data, developed by the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru, and information ...
  • Comparison between the Operational and Statistical Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature Forecasts in The Central Coast of Peru 

    Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; De la Cruz, Gustavo; Takahashi, Ken

    (American Meteorological Society, 2023-02)
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    Multiple linear regression models were developed for 1-3-day lead forecasts of maximum and minimum temperature for two locations in the city of Lima, in the central coast of Peru (12°S), and contrasted with the operational ...
  • The rainy season in the Southern Peruvian Andes: A climatological analysis based on the new Climandes index 

    Sedlmeier, Katrin; Imfeld, Noemí; Gubler, Stefanie; Spirig, Christoph; Quevedo, Karim; Escajadillo Fernandez, Yury; Rohrer, Mario; Schwierz, Cornelia

    (John Wiley and Sons, 2023-01)
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    The rainy season is of high importance for livelihoods in the Southern Peruvian Andes (SPA), especially for agriculture, which is mainly rain fed and one of the main income sources in the region. Therefore, knowledge and ...
  • Hydrological impacts of dam regulation for hydropower production: The case of Lake Sibinacocha, Southern Peru 

    Bello, Cinthya; Suarez, Wilson; Drenkhan, Fabian; Vega-Jácome, Fiorella

    (Elsevier B.V., 2023-01)
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    Study focus: Hydraulic infrastructure plays a fundamental role for energy production, drinking and irrigation water storage and flood control in regions with seasonal river flow. The highAndean Lake Sibinacocha has been ...
  • Determining the geodetic mass balance of the Znosko glacier (King George Island, Antarctica) using an unmanned aerial vehicle 

    Bello, Cinthya; Suarez, Wilson; Brondi, Fabian

    (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2023-01-09)
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    In the last decade, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used for scientific research specially for glaciological applications in Antarctica. In the study an UAV was used to detect changes in Znosko glacier surface, ...
  • Summertime precipitation extremes and the influence of atmospheric flows on the western slopes of the southern Andes of Perú 

    Villalobos-Puma, Elver; Flores-Rojas, Jose Luis; Martinez-Castro, Daniel; Morales, Annareli; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Mosquera-Vásquez, Kobi; Silva, Yamina

    (John Wiley and Sons, 2022)
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    Although climatologically dry, the western slopes of the southern Andes of Peru (WSA) can experience precipitation extremes (PEs) during the summer (December–February) resulting in great economic and human losses. Generally, ...
  • Behavior of the ITCZ second band near the Peruvian coast during the 2017 coastal El Niño 

    Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; Rodríguez Zimmermann, Diego; Quispe, Nelson

    (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2023)
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    The behavior of the second band of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) near the Peruvian coast during early 2017 is studied, using precipitation, surface winds, sea surface temperature (SST) and atmospheric variables ...

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