• Measurements of sulfur dioxide,ozone and ammonia concentrations in Asia,Africa,and South America using passive samplers 

      Carmichae, Gregory R.; Ferm, Martin; Thongboonchoo, Narisara; Woo, Jung-Hun; Chanc, L.Y.; Muranod, Kentaro; Viet, Pham Hung; Mossberg, ,Carl; Bala, Rajasekhlar; Boonjawat, Jariya; Upatum, Pramote; Mohan, Manju; Adhikary, Sharad P.; Shrestha, ,Arun B.; Pienaar, J.J.; Brunke, Ernst B.; Chen, ,Tai; Jiep, Tang; Guoan, Ding; Leong Chow, Peng; Dhiharto, Sri; Harjanto, Hery; Jose, Aida M.; Wilson, Kimani; Kirouane, Abdelmalek; Lacaux, Jean-Pierre; Richard, Sandrine; Barturen, Osvaldo; Carrasco Cerda, Jorge; Athayde, Augusto; Tavares, Tania; Silva Cotrina, José; Bilici, Erdal

      (Elsevier, 2003)
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      Measurements of gaseous SO2,NH3,and O3 using IVL passive sampler technology were obtained during a pilot measurement program initiated as a key component of the newly established WMO/GAW Urban Research Meteorology and ...
    • A simple model for minimum crop temperature forecasting during nocturnal cooling 

      Lhomme, J.P.; Guilioni, L.

      (Elsevier, 2004)
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      A simple mechanistic model is developed to forecast the minimum temperature reached by the aerial elements of a crop during nocturnal cooling. The model, whose inputs are meteorological data registered at sunset, has two ...
    • Atmospheric transmissivity: distribution and empirical estimation around the central Andes 

      Baigorria, Guillermo; Villegas, Esequiel B.; Trebejo, Irene; Carlos, Jose F.; Quiroz, Roberto

      (John Wiley & Sons, 2004)
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      This study of the distribution in space and time of atmospheric transmissivity τ takes into account the fact that, in complex terrain, many factors affect this variable; thus, it is not possible to use the generalizations ...
    • On the future of the water resources from glacier melting in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru 

      Bernard, Pouyaud; Marco, Zapata; Yerren, Jorge; Gomez, Jesus; Gabriela, Rosas; Suarez, Wilson

      (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2005)
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      The hydrological data (since 1953) of the Llanganuco basin (87.0 km2, 39% glacierized) show an increase of the glacial melting during the last quarter of the 20th century. These results were supplemented (since the end of ...
    • Modelling the water balance in the glacierized Parón Lake basin (White Cordillera, Peru) 

      Suarez, Wilson; Chevallier, P.; Pouyaud, B.; López, P.

      (Taylor & Francis, 2008)
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      The White Cordillera (northern Peru), with a glacial surface of 631 km2, is the largest glacierized mountain range in the Tropics. Due to the lack of physical data from most of its sub-basins, it is difficult to build a ...
    • Decadal changes in glacier parameters in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru, derived from remote sensing 

      Racoviteanu, A.E.; Arnaud, Y.; Williams, M.W.; Ordóñez Gálvez, Juan Julio

      (Cambridge University Press, 2008-06)
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      We present spatial patterns of glacier fluctuations from the Cordillera Blanca, Peru, (glacier area, terminus elevations, median elevations and hypsography) at decadal timescales derived from 1970 aerial photography, 2003 ...
    • Spatio-temporal rainfall variability in the Amazon basin countries (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador) 

      Villar, J.C.E.; Ronchail, J.; Guyot, J.L.; Cochonneau, G.; Naziano, F.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; De Oliveira, E.; Pombosa, R.; Vauchel, P.

      (Wiley Online Library, 2009-09)
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      Rainfall variability in the Amazon basin (AB) is analysed for the 1964-2003 period. It is based on 756 pluviometric stations distributed throughout the AB countries. For the first time it includes data from Bolivia, Peru, ...
    • Integrated assessment and adaptation to climate change impacts in the Peruvian Andes 

      Salzmann, N.; Huggel, C.; Calanca, P.; Díaz, A.; Jonas, T.; Jurt, C.; Konzelmann, Thomas; Lagos, P.; Rohrer, M.; Silverio, W.; Zappa, M.

      (Copernicus GmbH, 2009-11)
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      The Andes as mountain regions worldwide, provide fundamental resources, not only for the local population. Due to the topographic characteristics, the potential for natural hazards is higher than elsewhere. In these areas, ...
    • An environmental watch system for the andean countries: El observatorio andino 

      Muñoz, Ángel G.; López, P.; Velásquez, R.; Monterrey, L.; León, G.; Ruiz, F.; Recalde, C.; Cadena, J.; Mejía, R.; Paredes, M.; Bazo, Juan

      (American Meteorological Society, 2010-09)
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      Observatorio Andino (OA) was established in 2008 by The Centro de Modelado Científico (CMC) in collaboration with Climate information applied to agricultural risk management in the Andean countries (CIIFEN). The OA main ...
    • Determination of anthropogenic and biogenic compounds on atmospheric aerosol collected in urban, biomass burning and forest areas in São Paulo, Brazil 

      Vasconcellos, P.; Souza, D.Z.; Sánchez Ccoyllo, Odón; Bustillos, J.O.V.; Lee, H.; Santos, F.C.; Nascimento, K.H.; Araújo, M.P.; Saarnio, K.

      (Elsevier B.V., 2010-11)
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      This study was conducted at three sites of different characteristics in São Paulo State: São Paulo (SPA), Piracicaba (PRB) and Mata Atlântica Forest (MAT). PM10, n-alkanes, pristane and phytane, PAHs, water-soluble ions ...
    • Climate change threats to environment in the tropical Andes: glaciers and water resources 

      Chevallier, Pierre; Pouyaud, Bernard; Suarez, Wilson; Condom, Thomas

      (Springer, 2010-11-14)
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      Almost all of the world’s glaciers in the tropical latitudes are located in the Central Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia). Due to their high altitude, to the high level of radiation and to the tropical climate ...
    • North Tropical Atlantic influence on western Amazon fire season variability 

      Fernandes, K.; Baethgen, W.; Bernardes, S.; Defries, R.; Dewitt, D.G.; Goddard, L.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Lee, D.E.; Padoch, C.; Pinedo-Vasquez, M.; Uriarte, M.

      (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2011-06)
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      The prevailing wet climate in the western Amazon is not favorable to the natural occurrence of fires. Nevertheless, the current process of clearing of humid forests for agriculture and cattle ranching has increased the ...
    • Climate variability and extreme drought in the upper Solimões River (western Amazon Basin): Understanding the exceptional 2010 drought 

      Espinoza, J.C.; Ronchail, J.; Guyot, J.L.; Junquas, v; Vauchel, P.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Drapeau, v; Pombosa, R.

      (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2011-07)
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      This work provides an initial overview of climate features and their related hydrological impacts during the recent extreme droughts (1995, 1998, 2005 and 2010) in the upper Solimes River (western Amazon), using comprehensive ...
    • Chemical weathering and atmospheric/soil CO2 uptake in the Andean and Foreland Amazon basins 

      Moquet, J.S.; Crave, A.; Viers, J.; Seyler, P.; Armijos, E.; Bourrel, L.; Chavarri, E.; Lagane, C.; Laraque, A.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Pombosa, R.; Noriega, L.; Vera, A.; Guyot, J.L.

      (Elsevier B.V., 2011-08)
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      This study is a geochemical investigation of the Andean and Foreland basins of the Amazon River at high spatial and time resolution, carried out within the framework of the HYBAM research program (Hydro-geodynamics of the ...
    • A data portal for regional climatic trend analysis in a Peruvian High Andes region 

      Schwarb, M.; Acuña, Delia; Konzelmann, Thomas; Rohrer, M.; Salzmann, N.; Serpa Lopez, B.; Silvestre, E.

      (Copernicus Publications, 2011-08-16)
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      In the frame of a Swiss-Peruvian climate change adaptation initiative (PACC), operational and historical data series of more than 100 stations of the Peruvian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (SENAMHI) are now ...
    • Assessment of climate change impacts on the hydrology of the Peruvian Amazon-Andes basin 

      Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Labat, D.; Guyot, J.L.; Ardoin-Bardin, Sandra

      (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011-11)
      In this article, we propose an investigation of the modifications of the hydrological response of two Peruvian Amazonas-Andes basins in relationship with the modifications of the precipitation and evapotranspiration rates ...
    • From drought to flooding: understanding the abrupt 2010-11 hydrological annual cycle in the Amazonas River and tributaries 

      Espinoza, J.C.; Ronchail, Josyane; Guyot, J.L.; Junquas, Clémentine; Guillaume, Drapeau; Martinez, Jean Michel; William, Santini; Philippe, Vauchel; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Ordóñez Gálvez, Juan Julio; Espinoza-Villar, R.

      (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2012-01)
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      In this work we document and analyze the hydrological annual cycles characterized by a rapid transition between low and high flows in the Amazonas River (Peruvian Amazon) and we show how these events, which may impact ...
    • Discharge simulation in the sub-basins of the Amazon using ORCHIDEE forced by new datasets 

      Guimberteau, M.; Drapeau, G.; Ronchail, J.; Sultan, B.; Polcher, J.; Martinez, J.-M.; Prigent, C.; Guyot, J.L.; Cochonneau, G.; Espinoza, J.C.; Filizola, N.; Fraizy, Pascal; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; De Oliveira, E.; Pombosa, R.; Noriega, L.; Vauchel, P.

      (Copernicus GmbH, 2012-03)
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      The aim of this study is to evaluate the ability of the ORCHIDEE land surface model to simulate streamflows over each sub-basin of the Amazon River basin. For this purpose, simulations are performed with a routing module ...
    • Basin-scale analysis of rainfall and runoff in Peru (1969–2004): Pacific, Titicaca and Amazonas drainages 

      Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Ronchail, J.; Labat, D.; Espinoza, J.C.; Guyot, J.L.

      (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2012-06)
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      According to the Peruvian agricultural ministry, the Pacific watersheds where the great cities and intense farming are located only benefit from 1% of the available freshwater in Peru. Hence a thorough knowledge of the ...
    • The integration of field measurements and satellite observations to determine river solid loads in poorly monitored basins 

      Espinoza-Villar, R.; Martinez, J.-M.; Guyot, J.L.; Fraizy, Pascal; Armijos, E.; Crave, A.; Bazan, H.; Vauchel, P.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

      (IRD France Nord, 2012-06)
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      The use of satellite imagery to assess river sediment discharge is discussed in the context of poorly monitored basins. For more than three decades, the Peruvian hydrological service SENAMHI has been maintaining several ...