• Participatory rainfall monitoring: strengthening hydrometeorological risk management and community resilience in Peru 

      Arestegui, Miguel; Ordoñez, Miluska; Cisneros, Abel; Madueño, Giorgio; Almeida, Cinthia; Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; Quispe, Nelson; Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro. W.; Huaman, Samuel; Phillips, Jeremy

      (European Geosciences Union, 2022)
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      Heavy rainfall, floods and debris flow on the Rimac river watershed are recurring events that impact Peruvian people in vulnerable situations.There are few historical records, in terms of hydrometeorological variables, ...
    • Present and future water resources supply and demand in the Central Andes of Peru: a comprehensive review with focus on the Cordillera Vilcanota 

      Drenkhan, Fabian; Huggel, Christian; Salzmann, Nadine; Giráldez, Claudia; Suarez, Wilson; Rohrer, Mario; Molina, Edwin; Montoya, Nilton; Miñan, Fiorella

      (American Geophysical Union, 2014)
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      Glaciers have been an important element of Andean societies and livelihoods as direct freshwater supply for agriculture irrigation, hydropower generation and mining activities. Peru’s mainly remotely living population in ...
    • Present and future water security under socioeconomic and climate changes in the Vilcanota-Urubamba basin 

      Goyburo, Andres; Rau, Pedro; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Drenkhan, Fabian; Buytaert, W.

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      This research assesses present (2009-2016) and future (until 2100) levels of water security taking into consideration socioeconomic and climate change scenarios using the WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning) tool for ...
    • Quantifying the controls of Peruvian glacier response to climate 

      Fyffe, Catriona L.; Potter, Emily; Fugger, S.; Orr, Andrew; Fatichi, Simone; Medina, Katy; Hellström, Robert Å.; Shaw, Thomas E.; Bernat, Maud; Llacza Rodríguez, Alan; Jácome Vergaray, Gerardo; Aubry-Wake, Caroline; Gurgiser, Wolfgang; Perry, L. Baker; Suarez, Wilson; Quincey, Duncan J.; Loarte, Edwin; Pellicciotti, Francesca

      (American Geophysical Union, 2021-04)
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      Peruvian glaciers are important contributors to dry season runoff for agriculture and hydropower, but they are at risk of disappearing due to climate warming. Their energy balance and ablation characteristics have previously ...
    • RAHU Project: Assessing water security and climate change adaptation strategies in the glaciated Vilcanota-Urubamba river basin 

      Rau, Pedro; Buytaert, W.; Drenkhan, Fabian; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Jimenez, Juan C.; Montoya, Nilton; Bonnesoeur, Vivien; Valdivia, Gustavo; Cachay, Walescka; Goyburo, Andres; Risco Sence, Eber; Abad, Jorge; Mackay, Jon; Hannah, David; Barrand, Nicholas; Siegert, Martin; Macera, Briggitte; Bueno, Marcelo; Baca, Carlos; Gianella, Cecilia

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      The Peruvian Andes are a hotspot of vulnerabilities to impacts in water resources due to the propensity for water stress, the highly unpredictable weather, the sensitivity of glaciers, and the socio-economic vulnerability ...
    • Rainfall thresholds estimation for shallow landslides in Peru from gridded daily data 

      Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

      (American Geophysical Union, 2022-07-20)
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      The objective of this work was to generate and evaluate regional rainfall thresholds obtained from a combination of high-resolution gridded precipitation data (PISCOpd_Op), developed by the National Service of Meteorology ...
    • Relevance of future snowfall level height in the Peruvian Andes for glacier loss in the 21st century under different emission scenarios 

      Schauwecker, Simone; Kronenberg, Marlene; Rohrer, Mario; Huggel, Christian; Endries, Jason; Montoya, Nilton; Neukom, Raphael; Perry, Baker; Salzmann, Nadine; Schwarb, Manfred; Suarez, Wilson

      (American Geophysical Union, 2017)
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      In many regions of Peru, the competition for limited hydrological resources already represents a large risk for conflicts. In this context, and within the circumstances of climate change, there is a great interest in ...
    • SILVIA: An operational system to monitoring landslides forced by heavy precipitations at national scale in Peru 

      Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Vega-Jácome, Fiorella; Felipe-Obando, Oscar; Acuña Azarte, Julia; Takahashi, Ken

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      In Peru, heavy precipitations (PR) are the second natural phenomenon with the greatest number of people affected in recent decades. Landslides (known as “huaycos” in Peru) are mostly produced by PR and located overall on ...
    • Snow-Hydrological modeling using remote sensing data in Vilcanota basin 

      Risco Sence, Eber; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Rau, Pedro

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      Water resources availability in the southern Andes of Peru is being affected by glacier and snow retreat. This problem is already perceived in the Vilcanota river basin, where hydro-climatological information is scarce. ...
    • Soluble trace metals in aerosols over the tropical south east Pacific offshore of Peru 

      Baker, A.R.; Thomas, M.; Bange, H.W.; Plasencia Sanchez, E.

      (European Geosciences Union, 2015-10)
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      Bulk aerosol samples collected during cruise M91 of FS Meteor off the coast of Peru in December 2012 were analysed for their soluble trace metal (Fe, Al, Mn, Ti, Zn, V, Ni, Cu, Co, Cd, Pb, Th) and major ion (including NO−3 ...
    • Spatio-temporal temperature and precipitation patterns in the southern Peruvian Andes - insights from the Climandes project 

      Spirig, C.; Stefanie, Gubler; Avalos, Grinia; Huerta, Adrian; Imfeld, Noemi; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Oria, Clara; Quevedo Caiña, Karim; Rohrer, Mario; Scherrer, Simon C.; Sedlmeier, Katrin; Schwierz, Cornelia

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      In the southern Peruvian Andes, climatic threats such as water scarcity or frost pose major challenges for agriculture. Such events may result in severe yield losses threatening the livelihood of smallholder farmers due ...
    • Studying spatial agreement of catchment response to climate and landuse change under uncertainty for prioritizing investment into hydropower catchments 

      Ding, Zhaowei; Angarita, Hector; Montesinos Cáceres, Cristian Albert; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

      (European Geosciences Union, 2022-04)
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      Joint climate and land cover change can significantly alter catchment hydrologic response, e.g., in terms of runoff and sediment delivery, and thus key determinants for downstream hydropower outcomes. While many studies ...
    • Surface energy and mass balance modeling of a Peruvian tropical glacier 

      Torres, C.; Arigony, J.; Arndt, A.; Tobias, S.; Gurgiser, W.; Suarez, Wilson; Santillan, N.; Maier, É.

      (American Geophysical Union, 2019-12)
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      Glaciers in Peruvian Andes play an important role for local hydrology. To quantify the availability of glacier meltwater in a climate change scenario, surface energy (SEB) and mass balance (MB) models are required. However, ...
    • Surface water resources assessment in Peru through SWAT hydrological model 

      Asurza Véliz, Flavio Alexander; Traverso-Yucra, Kevin Arnold; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Felipe-Obando, Oscar; Montesinos Cáceres, Cristian Albert; Llauca, Harold

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      Surface water resources in Peru show high spatio-temporal variability, being the prediction of streamflow at ungauged sites, one of the fundamental challenges today. This research presents a methodology for regional ...
    • The Relationship Between Shallap Glacier - Cordillera Blanca and King George Island - Antarctic Peninsula 

      Rojas Macedo, I. C.; Suarez, Wilson; Loarte Cadenas, E. A.; Medina Marcos, K. D; Castillo Vergara, F.

      (American Geophysical Union, 2021-12)
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      The main goal of this study is to determine the relationship between Shallap Glacier (SG) — Cordillera Blanca and King George Island (KGI) glaciers — Antarctic Peninsula and describe their features. Multi-temporal analysis ...
    • The vulnerability of water availability in Peru due to climate change: A probabilistic Budyko analysis 

      Huerta, Adrian; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Rau, Pedro

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      This study provides for the-first-time a water availability analysis at drainage and basin-scale in Peru. Using new gridded datasets of precipitation and temperature, along with six global actual evapotranspiration estimations ...
    • Using open source & low cost rain gauges to support debris flow real-time monitoring in Lima, Peru 

      Arestegui, Miguel; Ordoñez, Miluska; Cisneros, Abel; Madueño, Giorgio; Almeida, Cinthia; Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; Quispe, Nelson; Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Huaman, Samuel; Phillips, Jeremy

      (European Geosciences Union, 2021-01)
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      Debris flow, locally known as huaycos, impact the east part of the metropolitan city of Lima, capital of Peru. However, after many extreme events such as the one related to the 2017 “Coastal Niño” or the one in 1987, there ...