• Dynamic regionalization over Peru: HadGEM2-ES / WRF 

      Llacza Rodríguez, Alan; Jácome Vergaray, Gerardo

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2008)
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      The present work has as objective the elaboration of a new gridded data base to 16 km, for the analysis of the changes of the future climate on Peru, mainly in the variables of precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature. ...
    • Effects of the use of the BAKE mobile application as an Educative instrument for teaching content for preschool education to Shipibo people in the community of Cantagallo, Lima, Peru 

      Yahuarcani, I.O.; Hidalgo, M.M.; Ccanto, F.F.; Pezo, A.R.; Cortegano, C.A.G.; Riveros, M.A.P.; Lagos, K.D.J.; Gomez, E.G.; Cruzado, J.A.G.; Satalaya, A.M.N.; Alva, E.A.R.; Llaja, L.A.S.

      (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-03)
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      This document includes the experience in the design, development and validation of a mobile application conceptualized as an instrument for basic teaching and self-learning of the Shipibo - Konibo language. It was created ...
    • ICE Thickness Using Ground Penetrating Radar at Znosko Glacier on King George Island 

      Bello, C.; Santillan, N.; Cochachin, A.; Arias, S.; Suarez, Wilson

      (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-08-12)
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      Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was carried out to estimate the ice thickness and mapping the bedrock topography at Znosko glacier on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula during 25 th Peruvian Antarctic Expedition ...
    • Sediment budget in the Ucayali River basin, an Andean tributary of the Amazon River 

      Santini, W.; Martinez, J.-M.; Espinoza-Villar, R.; Cochonneau, G.; Vauchel, P.; Moquet, J.S.; Baby, P.; Espinoza, J.C.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Carranza, Jorge; Guyot, J.L.

      (Copernicus GmbH, 2014)
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      Formation of mountain ranges results from complex coupling between lithospheric deformation, mechanisms linked to subduction and surface processes: weathering, erosion, and climate. Today, erosion of the eastern Andean ...
    • Sistema de Alerta Temprana en zona de aluviones 

      Chira La Rosa, Jorge; Kuroiwa, J.M.

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2016)
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      En la cuenca media-alta del río Rímac en la región Lima Metropolitana se ha producido la ocupación irregular de quebradas aparentemente secas que se activan periódicamente por efectos de lluvias locales. La activación de ...
    • The challenges of new Regional Basic Observation Network on the Regional Association III 

      Chira La Rosa, Jorge

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2018)
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      According to decision 21 taken by 69th Executive Congress of World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the new Regional Basic Observations Network (RBON) will be created, which will be mainly made up of the Regional Basic ...
    • Validation of CMIP5 models by means of representing pattterns of mesoscale systems on South America for the summer and Winter 

      Barreto Schuler, Christian; Llacza Rodríguez, Alan

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2014)
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      The climate model developers have conducted a new series of climate modeling experiments, which are part of the Couple Models Intercomparison Phase 5 (CMIP5). These show us a new generation of Atmosphere-Ocean couple models, ...