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    • Measurements of sulfur dioxide,ozone and ammonia concentrations in Asia,Africa,and South America using passive samplers 

      Carmichae, Gregory R.; Ferm, Martin; Thongboonchoo, Narisara; Woo, Jung-Hun; Chanc, L.Y.; Muranod, Kentaro; Viet, Pham Hung; Mossberg, ,Carl; Bala, Rajasekhlar; Boonjawat, Jariya; Upatum, Pramote; Mohan, Manju; Adhikary, Sharad P.; Shrestha, ,Arun B.; Pienaar, J.J.; Brunke, Ernst B.; Chen, ,Tai; Jiep, Tang; Guoan, Ding; Leong Chow, Peng; Dhiharto, Sri; Harjanto, Hery; Jose, Aida M.; Wilson, Kimani; Kirouane, Abdelmalek; Lacaux, Jean-Pierre; Richard, Sandrine; Barturen, Osvaldo; Carrasco Cerda, Jorge; Athayde, Augusto; Tavares, Tania; Silva Cotrina, Jose; Bilici, Erdal

      (Elsevier, 2003)
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      Measurements of gaseous SO2,NH3,and O3 using IVL passive sampler technology were obtained during a pilot measurement program initiated as a key component of the newly established WMO/GAW Urban Research Meteorology and ...
    • Soluble trace metals in aerosols over the tropical south east Pacific offshore of Peru 

      Baker, A. R.; Thomas, M.; Bange, H. W.; Plasencia Sánchez, E.

      (European Geosciences UnionPE, 2015-10)
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      Bulk aerosol samples collected during cruise M91 of FS Meteor off the coast of Peru in December 2012 were analysed for their soluble trace metal (Fe, Al, Mn, Ti, Zn, V, Ni, Cu, Co, Cd, Pb, Th) and major ion (including NO−3 ...