• Advancing South American Water and Climate Science through Multidecadal Convection-Permitting Modeling 

      Dominguez, Francina; Rasmussen, Roy; Liu, Changhai; Ikeda, Kyoko; Prein, Andreas; Varble, Adam; Arias, Paola A.; Bacmeister, Julio; Bettolli, Maria Laura; Callaghan, Patrick; Carvalho, Leila M. V.; Castro, Christopher L.; Chen, Fei; Chug, Divyansh; Chun, Kwok Pan (Sun); Dai, Aiguo; Danaila, Luminita; da Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio; Nascimento, Ernani de Lima; Dougherty, Erin; Dudhia, Jimy; Eidhammer, Trude; Feng, Zhe; Fita, Lluís; Fu, Rong; Giles, Julian; Gilmour, Harriet; Halladay, Kate; Huang, Yongjie; Iza Wong, Angela Maylee; Lagos-Zúñiga, Miguel Ángel; Jones, Charles; Llamocca, Jorge; Llopart, Marta; Martinez, J. Alejandro; Martinez, J. Carlos; Minder, Justin R.; Morrison, Monica; Moon, Zachary L.; Mu, Ye; Neale, Richard B.; Núñez Ocasio, Kelly M.; Pal, Sujan; Potter, Erin; Poveda, German; Puhales, Franciano; Rasmussen, Kristen L.; Rehbein, Amanda; Rios-Berrios, Rosimar

      (American Meteorological Society, 2024-01-08)
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      South America’s hydroclimate sustains vibrant communities and natural ecosystems of extraordinary biodiversity including the Andes Cordillera, and the Orinoco, La Plata, and Amazon basins. Global warming and land-use change ...
    • Performance of Regional Climate Model Precipitation Simulations Over the Terrain-Complex Andes-Amazon Transition Region 

      Armijos, Elisaa,; Gutierrez, Ricardo A.; Junquas, Clémentinec; Armijos, Elisaa; Sörensson, Anna A.; Espinoza, Jhan-Carloc

      (American Geophysical Union, 2024)
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      Regional climate models (RCMs) are widely used to assess future impacts associated with climate change at regional and local scales. RCMs must represent relevant climate variables in the present-day climate to be considered ...
    • Validation of CMIP5 models by means of representing pattterns of mesoscale systems on South America for the summer and Winter 

      Barreto Schuler, Christian; Llacza Rodríguez, Alan

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2014)
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      The climate model developers have conducted a new series of climate modeling experiments, which are part of the Couple Models Intercomparison Phase 5 (CMIP5). These show us a new generation of Atmosphere-Ocean couple models, ...