• The 2017 coastal El Niño 

      Takahashi, Ken; Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; Avalos, Grinia; Bouchon, M.; Castro, Anabel; Cruzado, L.; Dewitte, Boris; Gutiérrez, B.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Marengo, José A.; Mosquera-Vásquez, K.; Quispe, Nelson

      (American Meteorological Society, 2018-08)
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      The original concept of El Niño consisted of anomalously high sea surface temperature and heavy rainfall along the arid northern coast of Peru (Carranza 1891; Carrillo 1893). The concept evolved into the El Niño–Southern ...
    • A framework for research linking weather, climate and COVID-19 

      Zaitchik, Benjamin F.; Sweijd, Neville; Shumake-Guillemot, Joy; Morse, Andy; Gordon, Chris; Marty, Aileen; Trtanj, Juli; Luterbacher, Juerg; Botai, Joel; Behera, Swadhin; Lu, Yonglong; Olwoch, Jane; Takahashi, Ken; Stowell, Jennifer D.; Rodó, Xavier

      (Nature Research, 2020)
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      When COVID-19 began to spread, environmental scientists recognized that the world faced a dangerous upper respiratory viral disease that might exhibit sensitivity to seasonal weather conditions. Many of these scientists ...
    • Change in strong Eastern Pacific El Niño events dynamics in the warming climate 

      Carréric, Aude; Dewitte, Boris; Cai, Wenju; Capotondi, Antonietta; Takahashi, Ken; Yeh, Sang-Wook; Wang, Guojian; Guémas, Virginie

      (Springer, 2020)
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      While there is evidence that ENSO activity will increase in association with the increased vertical stratification due to global warming, the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Here we investigate this issue using the ...
    • Climate impacts of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation on South America 

      Cai, Wenju; McPhaden, Michael J.; Grimm, Alice M.; Rodrigues, Regina R.; Taschetto, Andréa S; Garreaud, René D.; Dewitte, Boris; Poveda, Germán; Ham, Yoo-Geun; Santoso, A.; Ng, Benjamin; Anderson, Weston; Wang, Guojian; Geng, Tao; Jo, Hyun-Su; Marengo, José A.; Alves, Lincoln M.; Osman, Marisol; Li, Shujun; Wu, L.; Karamperidou, Christina; Takahashi, Ken; Vera, Carolina

      (Nature Publishing Group, 2020-04-10)
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      The climate of South America (SA) has long held an intimate connection with El Niño, historically describing anomalously warm sea-surface temperatures off the coastline of Peru. Indeed, throughout SA, precipitation and ...
    • Climatology of extreme cold events in the central Peruvian Andes during austral summer: origin, types and teleconnections 

      Sulca, Juan; Vuille, Mathias; Roundy, Paul; Takahashi, Ken; Espinoza, J.C.; Silva, Yamina; Trasmonte, Grace; Zubieta, R.

      (Royal Meteorological Society, 2018-08-30)
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      The climatological and large‐scale characteristics of the extreme cold events (ECEs) in the central Peruvian Andes (Mantaro basin (MB)) during austral summer (January–March) are examined using reanalysis, gridded and in ...
    • Comparison between the Operational and Statistical Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature Forecasts in The Central Coast of Peru 

      Aliaga Nestares, Vannia; De la Cruz, Gustavo; Takahashi, Ken

      (American Meteorological Society, 2023-02)
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      Multiple linear regression models were developed for 1-3-day lead forecasts of maximum and minimum temperature for two locations in the city of Lima, in the central coast of Peru (12°S), and contrasted with the operational ...
    • Control of seasonal and inter-annual rainfall distribution on the Strontium-Neodymium isotopic compositions of suspended particulate matter and implications for tracing ENSO events in the Pacific coast (Tumbes basin, Peru) 

      Moquet, Jean-Sébastien; Morera, Sergio; Turcq, Bruno; Poitrasson, Franck; Roddaz, Martin; Moreira- Turcq, Patricia; Espinoza, J.C.; Guyot, J.L.; Takahashi, Ken; Orrillo-Vigo, Jhon; Petrick, Susana; Mounic, Stéphanie; Sondag, Francis

      (Institut de recherche pour le développement-IRD, 2020-01)
      The geochemistry of riverine sediments exported to the oceans is important for paleo-hydro-climatic reconstruction. However, climate reconstruction requires a good understanding of the relationship between geochemistry and ...
    • Editorial : Tropical Climate Variability and Change: Impacts in the Amazon 

      Jimenez, Juan C.; Takahashi, Ken

      (Frontiers in Earth Science, 2019-08-26)
      Vast amounts of data from satellites and ground-based systems, and improvements on modeling techniques, allows a better understanding of Earth processes and advances on climate science. The tropics play a key role on global ...
    • Evolution of the tropical response to periodic extratropical thermal forcing 

      Shin, Y.; Kang, S.M.; Takahashi, Ken; Stuecker, M.F.; Hwang, Y.-T.; Kim, D.

      (American Meteorological Society, 2021-08)
      This study examines the temporal evolution of the extratropically forced tropical response in an idealized aquaplanet model under equinox condition. We apply a surface thermal forcing in the northern extratropics that ...
    • Extreme El Niño Events 

      Dewitte, Boris; Takahashi, Ken

      (Elsevier, 2019)
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      Every few years the tropical Pacific warms abnormally in association with a relaxation of the trade winds, a phenomenon known as the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) that represents the strongest fluctuation of the ...
    • Impacts of different ENSO flavors and tropical Pacific convection variability (ITCZ, SPCZ) on austral summer rainfall in South America, with a focus on Peru 

      Sulca, Juan; Takahashi, Ken; Espinoza, J.C.; Vuille, M.; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

      (John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2018-01)
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      El Niño in the eastern and central Pacific has different impacts on the rainfall of South America, and the atmospheric pathways through the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ) and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) ...
    • Increased variability of eastern Pacific El Niño under greenhouse warming 

      Cai, Wenju; Wang, G.; Dewitte, Boris; Wu, L.; Santoso, A.; Takahashi, Ken; Yang, Y.; Carréric, A.; McPhaden, M.J

      (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-12)
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      The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the dominant and most consequential climate variation on Earth, and is characterized by warming of equatorial Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs) during the El Niño phase and ...
    • Lineamientos para el diseño de sistemas integrados de vigilancia y pronóstico hidrometeorológico con fines de alerta temprana. Nota Técnica 

      Metzger Terrazas, Luis; Asencios Astorayme, Henry Joel; Chira, Jorge; Huamán, Joao; Lau, Julio; León, Karen; Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Valderrama, Benito; Rivera, Freddy; Briones, Jorge; Gonzales, Dany; López, Juan José; Obregón, Juan; Ordóñez, Luis; Rodríguez, Jose Luis; Acuña, Delia; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Oria, Clara; Quispe, Nelson; Yerrén, Jorge; Asenjo, Erick; Chacón, José; Huamán, Sonia; Arboleda Orozco, Juan Fernando; Felipe-Obando, Oscar; Rosas, Gabriela; Gonzales, Marina; Barrón, Percy; Ferro, Vladimir; Ochoa, José; Takahashi, Ken

      (Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, 2021-04)
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      La Nota Técnica presenta los lineamientos para el diseño del sistema integrado de sistemas de vigilancia y pronóstico hidrometeorológico con fines de alerta temprana, principalmente ante inundaciones, y movimientos en masa ...
    • Mechanisms of tropical precipitation biases in climate models 

      Kim, Hanjun; Kang, Sarah M.; Takahashi, Ken; Donohoe, Aaron; Pendergrass, Angeline G.

      (Springer, 2020-10-27)
      We investigate the possible causes for inter-model spread in tropical zonal-mean precipitation pattern, which is divided into hemispherically symmetric and anti-symmetric modes via empirical orthogonal function analysis. ...
    • Ocean climate observing requirements in support of climate research and climate information 

      Stammer, D; Bracco, A.; AchutaRao, K.; Beal, Lisa; Bindoff, Nathaniel L.; Braconnot, Pascale; Cai, Wenju; Chen, Dake; Collins, Matthew; Danabasoglu, Gokhan; Dewitte, Boris; Farneti, Riccardo; Fox-Kemper, Baylor; Fyfe, John; Griffies, Stephen; Jayne, Steven R.; Lazar, Alban; Lengaigne, Matthieu; Lin, Xiaopei; Marsland, Simon; Shoshiro, Minobe; Monteiro, Pedro M. S.; Robinson, Walter; Roxy, Mathew Koll; Rykaczewski, Ryan R.; Speich, Sabrina; Smith, Inga J.; Solomon, Amy; Storto, Andrea; Takahashi, Ken; Toniazzo, Thomas; Vialard, Jerome

      (Frontiers in Earth Science, 2019-07-31)
      Natural variability and change of the Earth’s climate have significant global societal impacts. With its large heat and carbon capacity and relatively slow dynamics, the ocean plays an integral role in climate, and provides ...
    • Rainfall hotspots over the southern tropical Andes: Spatial distribution, rainfall intensity, and relations with large-scale atmospheric circulation 

      Espinoza, J.C.; Chavez, Steven; Ronchail, Josyane; Junquas, Clémentine; Takahashi, Ken; Lavado-Casimiro, W.

      (American Geophysical Union, 2015-05-11)
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      The Andes/Amazon transition is among the rainiest regions of the world and the interactionsbetween large-scale circulation and the topography that determine its complex rainfall distribution remainpoorly known. This work ...
    • The role of ENSO flavours and TNA on recent droughts over Amazon forests and the Northeast Brazil region 

      Jimenez, Juan C.; Marengo, José A.; Alves, Lincoln M.; Sulca, Juan; Takahashi, Ken; Ferrett, Samantha; Collins, Matthew

      (Royal Meteorological Society, 2019-12-27)
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      Amazon tropical forests and the semiarid Northeast Brazil (NEB) region have registered very severe droughts during the last two decades, with a frequency that may have exceeded natural climate variability. Severe droughts ...
    • SILVIA: An operational system to monitoring landslides forced by heavy precipitations at national scale in Peru 

      Millán Arancibia, Carlos; Lavado-Casimiro, W.; Vega-Jácome, Fiorella; Felipe-Obando, Oscar; Acuña, Julia; Takahashi, Ken

      (European Geosciences Union, 2020)
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      In Peru, heavy precipitations (PR) are the second natural phenomenon with the greatest number of people affected in recent decades. Landslides (known as “huaycos” in Peru) are mostly produced by PR and located overall on ...
    • Spatio-temporal patterns of thermal anomalies and drought over tropical forests driven by recent extreme climatic anomalies 

      Jimenez, Juan C.; Barichivich, Jonathan; Mattar, Cristian; Takahashi, Ken; Santamaría-Artigas, Andrés; Sobrino, José A.; Malhi, Yadvinder

      (The Royal Society, 2018-08-23)
      The recent 2015– 2016 El Niño (EN) event was considered as strong as the EN in 1997–1998. Given such magnitude, it was expected to result in extreme warming and moisture anomalies in tropical areas. Here we characterize ...
    • Strength outlooks for the El Niño-Southern Oscillation 

      L'Heureux, M.L.; Tippett, M.K.; Takahashi, Ken; Barnston, A.G.; Becker, E.J.; Bell, G.D.; Di Liberto, T.E.; Gottschalck, J.; Halpert, Michael S.; Hu, Zeng-Zhen; Johnson, Nathaniel C.; Xue, Yan; Wang, Wanqiu

      (American Meteorological Society, 2019-02)
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      Three strategies for creating probabilistic forecast outlooks for El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) are compared. One is subjective and is currently used by the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center (CPC) to produce official ...