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dc.contributor.authorLavado-Casimiro, W.
dc.contributor.authorLabat, D.
dc.contributor.authorGuyot, J.L.
dc.contributor.authorArdoin-Bardin, S.
dc.description.abstractIn this article, we propose an investigation of the modifications of the hydrological response of two Peruvian Amazonas-Andes basins in relationship with the modifications of the precipitation and evapotranspiration rates inferred by the IPCC. These two basins integrate around 10% of the total area of the Amazonian basin. These estimations are based on the application of two monthly hydrological models, GR2M and MWB3, and the climatic projections come from BCM2, CSMK3 and MIHR models for A1B and B1 emission scenarios (SCE A1B and SCE B1). Projections are approximated by two simple scenarios (anomalies and horizon) and annual rainfall rates, evapotranspiration rates and discharge were estimated for the 2020s (2008-2040), 2050s (2041-2070) and 2080s (2071-2099). Annual discharge shows increasing trend over Requena basin (Ucayali river), Puerto Inca basin (Pachitea river), Tambo basin (Tambo river) and Mejorada basin (Mantaro river) while discharge shows decreasing trend over the Chazuta basin (Huallaga river), the Maldonadillo basin (Urubamba river) and the Pisac basin (Vilcanota river). Monthly discharge at the outlet of Puerto Inca, Tambo and Mejorada basins shows increasing trends for all seasons. Trends to decrease are estimated in autumn discharge over the Requena basin and spring discharge over Pisac basin as well as summer and autumn discharges over both the Chazuta and the Maldonadillo basins.en_US
dc.sourceServicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perúes_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - SENAMHIes_PE
dc.subjectAmazon basinen_US
dc.subjectClimate changeen_US
dc.subjectHydrological modelsen_US
dc.subjectMonthly water balanceen_US
dc.titleAssessment of climate change impacts on the hydrology of the Peruvian Amazon-Andes basinen_US
dc.identifier.isni0000 0001 0746 0446es_PE
dc.description.peerreviewRevisión por pareses_PE
dc.source.journalHydrological Processeses_PE

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